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Re: R: Moraic codas [was Re: 'Yemls Morphology]

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Saturday, July 21, 2001, 11:07
My mail was based on my own impressions, and on what I generally do: I find
myself more often deleting unread mails about the amisyllabicity of a given
English consonant than mails about the definition, for instance, of what is
an active language. The actual reason is, anyway, that I generally find some
subjects simpler than others. Perhaps that's only my very little experience,
but phonology is not exactly the simplest thing I've found on my layman's
path into linguistics - until now, at least.


> > And wrote: > > > > > > But you surely know much, much more than I do on this matter... > > > > > > Not really. The nice thing about phonology is that you don't need to
> > > a lot in order to do it. > > > > <retranslating from Italian into English> > > > > "Phonology has, within social sciences, the same innovator task nuclear > > physics has had, for instance, within numeric sciences" > > Lévi-Strauss > > > > It's true we don't need the most modern labs in order to study
> > structures of languages, while phisicians use the most modern
> > to study muons etc. Our mouth's often enough, true, but phonology is not > > _so_ simple :-) > > > > Luca > > Although I was being flippant, I really do think it is easy compared to > pretty much any other area of linguistics, tho the reasons for it being > easier vary according to which other area it is being compared to. > (Obviously not all linguisticians, given their various intellectual > strengths and weaknesses, would agree with me, of course.) > > The Levi-Strauss quote is apt and admirably cited, the sort of pertinent > erudition that experience has taught me to expect from Italians. But > its claim was a big mistake, for unfortunately nothing outside phonology
> as simple as phonology and believing otherwise is a seductive fantasy > fit for nothing but being taught to hapless undergraduates. > > --And. >