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R: Moraic codas [was Re: 'Yemls Morphology]

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, July 12, 2001, 19:51
I'm actually working at a 'skeleton' which should work as Senquarian's
ancestral language. I'd like the stress system to work on moraic principles.
Could you professional linguists/phonologists take a look at this, please?

GENERAL RULE: final syllables are not moraic (thus they can never get
stressed), unless they contain a long vowel or a diphtong.

The right-most foot gets stressed:

|      |  |   |
µ  (µ µ)µ
|      \ /  /
s      s  s

   |   |   |  |
  µ(µ µ)µ
   |   |   |  |
  s  s  s  s

Final syllables containing a long vowel / a diphthong are always stressed:

 |  |   |   | |
µ µ  µ µµ
 \ /    |   \/
  s    s   s

| |     |  |
µµ    µ µ
\/      \ /
s       s

Would it be better expressing the general rule in these terms: the last foot
is stressed (considering the abovementioned foots to be respectively a
trochee, a dactylus, a hiambus and a spondee?).

And what do you think of this system?




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