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TRANSLATION: Sabaoth (cf Steg Belsky and msgs # 130585 & prequelae)

From:Tom Chappell <tomhchappell@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 5, 2005, 16:28
Hello, I hope this question is appropriate for this list.

In an answer I can no longer locate, Steg Belsky told me that he did not know
where the idea that '"Sabaoth" could be interpreted as "Almighty"' came from.

WebBible.html and say that LXX (which I take it means the Septuagint)
use the Greek word meaning "Almighty" to translate the Hebrew word we
transliterate as "Sabaoth" whenever it is used as part of God's name or title.

They (that is, WebBible.html and and the other top ten Google
responders) say that "Sabaoth", which could refer either to "the Heavenly
Hosts" or "the armies of Israel", does not appear as a title for God in the
first 6 or 7 books of the Old Testament, but appears frequently in the
Prophetic books.

They also say that it is not always entirely clear that "Sabaoth" should be
translated as "of hosts"; perhaps the Septuagint was closer to the mark in
using "Almighty", sometimes.

[In case I've misread these web sources, please feel free to look at them yoursel(f/ves)]

Steg, and others, is that consistent with your knowledge?

All answers appreciated,


Tom H.C. in MI

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