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Re: Temujin (was: new Unnamed Conlang)

From:Racsko Tamas <tracsko@...>
Date:Saturday, September 18, 2004, 14:02
On 17 Sep 2004 Tim May <butsuri@MYR...> wrote:

> /tSiNgis xQ:n/, or maybe /xQ:N/, based on Omniglot, but I can't find any > reliable sources on Mongol phonology, so don't take it as gospel - I'm > just making a point about the consonants in the first word, which seem > fairly certain).
Your are right, however, in Modern Khalkha (called colloquially Mongolian) /tS/ is aspirated [tS_h], /x/ is retracted [X] here and |n| sounds [N], i.e. [tS_hiNgis XA:N]. However, during the reign of Chingis~Genghis, a Middle Mongolian koine was spoken and it seems from the contemporary written sources that /tS/ was unaspirate (aspiration is due to a later Chinese influence on Khalkha), the final nasal is [n] and /x/ is still [q]. The Khalkha form |Chingis| is a kind of mot savant, its natural form would be |Chinges| [tS_hiNgIs] (Google reveals this kind of misspelling, possible it reflects the actual pronunciation.) The name of Chingis was spread in Europe through Turkish languages, this is the reason of initial voicing, cf. Osmanli |Cengiz Han|.
> based on Omniglot
Onmiglot is inaccurate here, especcially in case of vowels.