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From:Denis Moskowitz <dmm@...>
Date:Friday, April 16, 1999, 14:33
[Raymond A. Brown" <raybrown@...>]
> > But hey, what's wrong the poor little verb that people have been so keen to > kill it off over the past decades ? > > Somewhen I must really try 'AllVerb' :-) >
An all-verb (or atleast no-noun) language was mentioned in Jorge Luis Borges's "Tlon Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" (sp?) though not much developed beyond a sample back-translation along the lines of "Above the on-streaming it moons." (The moon is above the river.) -- Denis M Moskowitz Happy-Result-N-0 God-Quality-N-1 Human-End-R-1 Human-Source-R-0P Rikchik-Agent-N-0 Talk-End-I-2 <a href="">My WWW page</a> <a href="">Rikchik Language</a>