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Attitude affixes

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Saturday, April 17, 1999, 1:35
I'm beginning to use attitude affixes in Drasel=E9q and
other conlangs, after I used some of them in Ciravesu,
in turn motivated by Quechua attitude affixes. I was
wondering if any of you have these in your langs.

The basic idea is an affix (maybe not very productive)
that has a very broad meaning in terms of feelings of
the speaker and the attitude towards the general situation.

For example, in Ciravesu I created an "expressive affix"
-auc- with a general meaning of "sentimental intensification".
Thus you have _tset(e)_ "say" > _tsetauc(e)_ "confess, say
something important for oneself".

In Drasel=E9q I just created an ancestor language infix,
-uniw-, no longer productive, but widely used, with the
general meaning of furtiveness, unclear business, etc.
and I already have four verbs:

_nail=FCn_ "see" > _n=FCnvail=FCn_ "keep an eye on, silently watch"
(n-uniw-ai > n-=FCnv-ai)

_s=E4nen_ "go" > _sniv=E4nen_ "retire in silence, go unnoticed,=20
disappear from scene" (as if you'd done something wrong)
(s-uniw-=E4 > s-niv-a) [as you see there's no fixed rule of
change, -uniw- becomes -=FCnv- or -niv-).

_qgoroksen_ "be angry" > _qgunvoroksen_ "be resentful, in a
peaceful mood that hides fury, misleadingly quiet"

_qognen_ "talk" > _q=FCnvognen_ "talk behind sbdy's back"

What do you think? Any ideas are welcome.

--Pablo Flores

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