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Biwa site updated, & bongo-bongo sentences.

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Thursday, January 16, 2003, 21:06
I have been updating my website and including some resources on Biwa at:

I have include the following sentences from a set we use at ideolengua to
show the structure of the language:

Bongo-Bongo sentences:

É rass xje mulna ene.
He beats his wife (frequently).

Cé tøsen bá rass gih?
Have you finish beating me?

So cuun ci rass bá pá pùmba el?
Why are you beating the drum?

Do xij coj tøsen bá rass xje mulna ebá.
When did you stop beating you husband?

Ón rass xje ýr mulnan eón.
We do not beat our wives?

É ress xje mulna ene
She has been beating her husband.

É nøgnte bah.
She is in love with you.

Én nøgnten pá tjell.
They have fallen in love with us.

Én nøgnte feèh.
They are in love with her.

Sjeron jalen xibon.
The kids like the books.

Ón jalen xibo elxoh.
We like this book.

Gasta exoh lesa pá xibo.
That girl is reading a book.

Xibon el ytne ùn possa el.
The books are on the table.

Sjeron e ytne pá.
The kids are in bed. / The kids are lying.

Gij et baba e ùn babalòm el.
I am laying the baby on the cradle.

Vèn enèhón xjotjata pagno.
Some of our friends smoke pipe.

Fred xjotjata pagno.
Fred smokes pipe.

Vèn loh egij pulle xoh xov.
That friend of mine is now right here.

Jocam e xver pé vènen eé xoh.
The farmer brought his friends.

Gasta eloh nov derir pá Fred.
That girls over there is Fred's fiancée.

okay... coments?

-- Carlos Th