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Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Andrew Nowicki <andrew@...>
Date:Thursday, January 16, 2003, 20:51
Philosophical languages are defined as conlangs which do not
derive their root words from other languages. They are my
favorite international auxiliary languages because they are
not hampered by the flaws of existing languages. A perfect
language should be easy to pronounce, easy to understand,
and easy to learn.

Ygyde conlang is ahead of the competition. It has only one
flaw: some of its compound words are not defined well, which
means that it is difficult to guess their meaning. I invented
this language with the help of Patrick Hassel-Zein.
Web description:

Every compound word of the Ro language has a prefix which
defines general category of the word. The last vowel of the
word defines part of speech. The remaining letters are
arbitrary, so it is impossible to guess meaning of the
compound word. Some words are difficult to pronounce because
they have consonant clusters. Web description:

Every letter of the aUI language has a meaning, so it is a
kind of root letter. There is not enough root letters to
define compound words precisely. Pronunciation is difficult
because there are consonant clusters and because it takes
lots of practice to distinguish short vowels from long vowels.
Web description:

Lojban words are difficult to pronounce because they have
consonant clusters. There are 1350 Lojban root words. The
root words have at least two forms which are 5 letters long
and 4 letters long. Some root words also have a 3 letter
long form. Compound words, which are called lujvo are
unpopular because they are very long. There is no dictionary
of the compound Lojban words and some Lojbanists question
the need for the dictionary. Web description:

Ododu is easy to pronounce, but its grammar is complex and
its compound words are long. Web description:


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