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Re: Tell your conlang story!

From:Kit La Touche <kit@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 28, 2006, 2:54
Many conlangers got into it through authors, usually Tolkien.  I went  
somewhat sideways and got into it through C. J. Cherryh.  To make a  
long story short, I read her Chanur series, went to her site to see  
what else she'd done, and found her introduction to latin.  This  
catalyzed me to actually study latin.  One thing led to another, and  
I found myself, as I'm sure many of us here have, on Zompist.  The  
rest is history.  I'm now pursuing a Linguistics major (after taking  
enough to minor in it in highschool — I had a strange highschool set  

It was only after getting into conlanging that I managed to read  
Tolkien.  Cart before the horse, perhaps.

I suppose I should try to write a letter to Ms. Cherryh, thanking her  
for giving me quite a passion.


On Feb 27, 2006, at 4:53 PM, Monica Byrne wrote:
> Hi everyone! > > I'm a former subscriber to the conlanging email list. I loved it, > but I couldn't keep up with the emails, so I've gone Nomail for > awhile. > > But I'm contacting you now because I'm a producer for North > Carolina Public Radio (check out our show: > We're currently broadcasting in North Carolina only, but we're soon > going national. I would love to do a piece on conlanging, but our > show is about storytelling instead of analysis or exposition, so > we're looking for a few good stories about your experiences with > conlanging. > > Here are a few questions to get you thinking: > > 1) How did you get in to conlanging? What was your inspiration? > > 2) What is your purpose in creating languages? Is it a personal > art, an anthropological experiment, a pasttime...? > > 3) How have people reacted when you tell them about it? > > 4) Did conlanging lead you places you never expected it to take you? > > > If you have any stories for me in these veins, please let me know! > You can contact me at, or (919) 445-9245. I'm > really looking forward to hearing from you! > > Best, > Monica Byrne


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