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Tell your conlang story!

From:Monica Byrne <monica.resources@...>
Date:Monday, February 27, 2006, 22:03
Hi everyone!

I'm a former subscriber to the conlanging email list. I loved it, but I
couldn't keep up with the emails, so I've gone Nomail for awhile.

But I'm contacting you now because I'm a producer for North Carolina Public
Radio (check out our show: We're currently
broadcasting in North Carolina only, but we're soon going national. I would
love to do a piece on conlanging, but our show is about storytelling instead
of analysis or exposition, so we're looking for a few good stories about
your experiences with conlanging.

Here are a few questions to get you thinking:

1) How did you get in to conlanging? What was your inspiration?

2) What is your purpose in creating languages? Is it a personal art, an
anthropological experiment, a pasttime...?

3) How have people reacted when you tell them about it?

4) Did conlanging lead you places you never expected it to take you?

If you have any stories for me in these veins, please let me know! You can
contact me at, or (919) 445-9245. I'm really looking forward
to hearing from you!

Monica Byrne

- - - - -
Monica Byrne
The Story with Dick Gordon
120 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Work (7am-1pm): (919) 445-9245


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