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Re: Tell your conlang story!

From:Hanuman Zhang <zhang@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 1, 2006, 3:42
> 1) How did you get in to conlanging? What was your inspiration?
I got into from a deep interest in both poetry and science fiction. At first I got into auxlangs like Glosa, but I am too much of a pragmaticist and creative "rogue" to fit in with the auxlang crowd (who seem to lack the depth of linguistic knowledge of the conlanging crowd as well as a tolerance for humour and wackiness). "There is no reason for the poet to be limited to words, and in fact the poet is most poetic when inventing languages. Hence the concept of the poet as 'language designer'." --- O. B. Hardison, Jr.
> 2) What is your purpose in creating languages? Is it a personal > art, an anthropological experiment, a pasttime...?
All of the above. And, for me, it is also "applied speculative linguistics" - especially with my conlang Gomi.
> 3) How have people reacted when you tell them about it?
Bafflement, puzzlement, amusement.
> 4) Did conlanging lead you places you never expected it to > take you?
Nearly everyday language leads me places unexpected. "La poesie date d' aujour d'hui." (Poetry dates from today) "La poesie est en jeu." (Poetry is in play) --- Blaise Cendrars