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further developments of Tanla

From:J. Barefoot <ataiyu@...>
Date:Friday, November 12, 1999, 18:00
I came up with this weird little construction for possession in Tanla:

al ani huanit
the I.rel dress: the dress (remember relative case is ergative and

an ya'a muhaani
the we.rel eyes: our eyes

You get the idea. The problem is when you have to imbed one of these inside
another one, like:

my sister's doorway
al al ani ansua tisuuya
the the of.sister doorway

al ani ansua = my sister
so literally it's "the my sister's doorway"

But that construction seems a little forced. So I came up with a colloquial

al ani ansua, al ha tisuuya
the sister's, the of.her doorway

I had to put "sister" in the relative again, to agree in case with the
pronoun "ha".

Now put it in a sentence:

ayusin ni'i al ani ansua, al ha tisuuyaa.
I-stand.past.durative at the I-rel sister-rel, the her-rel doorway-loc.
I was standing in my sister's doorway.

I thought it was kind of nifty, but kind of weird. What do y'all think? Do
the cases feel at all unnatural? I suppose "ansua" really should be relative
case, as it is, but still this little voice in my head says "Make it
nominative!" Can I get caller ID for these voices?


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