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Re: Linguaphobia and Linguocentrism

From:Oskar Gudlaugsson <hr_oskar@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 22, 2000, 3:55
>From: nicole perrin <nicole.eap@...> >Subject: Linguaphobia and Linguocentrism >Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 17:18:32 -0400
>Well, I wouldn't be offended, and it seems that neither would many other >people on the list. See, what I think is baffling is that even though >the US has no official language, people act as though it is English >(e.g. Tomas's story about the subway woman). I've heard tons of people >say things like "They're in America, they should speak English." The >fact that English technically has no special status in America just >makes it all the more ridiculous. Another thing I hear a lot of and is >really disgusting is that English is the most relevant language in the >whole world and everyone might as well just learn it now because it's >the most important language for business, commerce etc etc AHHH!!! Of >course this also means that everyone might as well just stop speaking >anything else. This attitude really really kills me. How do people >really believe this stuff? > >And of course, when people think English is the only worth-while >language, that means they're not running out to learn any other >languages. Which means they'll probably never figure out how wrong they >really are. <sigh>
Exactly. I've always been baffled to hear English-speakers talking about the strength, flexibility, and just plain superiority of the English language. Because I know for sure those people are monolingual. What do they know about the nature of other languages? What would they call a monolingual Chinese saying the same about his language? Barbarian? Also, a stunningly inappropriate occurrence of this is in the Encyclopedia 99 CD-ROM. In the article "English language", the author unashamedly claims that the world-wide use of English is due (mostly, he implies) to the strength, flexibility, etc of the language. Oskar ________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at