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Re: CHAT: Directions

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, December 13, 1999, 4:25
The way my hometown is laid out is in housing tracts. The town was built
up little by little. The town has absolutely no main area, and no gridded
streets at all. There are straight streets, but most are main through
streets with cul de sacs branching off. I live on one of the through

San Francisco is set up oddly. Most of it is gridded, except the area
around Twin Peaks. Market St. which is the main street divides San
Francisco in two parts. The area north of Market St. runs on a N and S
axis, and the area south of Market St. runs NW and SE , then many of the
roads curve, and it runs along a N and S axis. It's quite odd and hard to
explain thouroughly, any good map of  SF will show you what I mean.


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