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The Return of the Poll! (Your help requested)

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Sunday, January 12, 2003, 23:32
        Well, I'm back from the Great Clark Family Reunion in Orlando, Florida, and,
as promised, am ready to start the second round of the Poll By Email. (For
the new-comers to the list, last spring and summer I posted a poll question
to the list, with the results, and a new poll, posted the next week.)
        *BUT* I need your help. I need ideas, lots of ideas, for polls that would be
interesting, revealing, insightful, etc. So as not to repeat ourselves
(unless you all feel that you want a second shot at it), here are the 20
polls from last year:

        1. The ethics of conlangs (would you teach a child a conlang?)
        2. Attitude toward auxlangs
        3. Tolkien's influence on your conlangs
        4. Music and conlanging
        5. What aids do you use while conlanging?
        6. Who knows about your conlanging?
        7. Interested in a Conlang Journal?
        8. What encoding can your mail reader handle?
        9. The phonetic inventory of your conlang
        10. How many conlangs have you created/Have you created related conlangs?
        11. How "finished" have your conlangs become?
        12. How do you name letters in your conlang?
        12.9. What negative reactions have you received regarding conlanging?
        14. What are you doing this summer?
        15. What level of proficiency have you reached with your conlang?
        16. What word would you propose as the non-gender plural of "nieces and
nephews"? (The winner, BTW, was "sibchildren.")
        17. Bearded/gay/lefthanded?
        18. Your citizenship
        19. From what natlang family do you derive you a posteriori conlang?
        20. How large a vocabulary has your largest conlang achieved?

        So, if you have a poll question that you would like to see, email me at (off list, please). The Poll will resume Saturday, 18
January--I'd prefer if you would get your suggestions to me before then, but
I always welcome ideas at any time.