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Re: Seinundjei Script

From:Shreyas Sampat <ssampat@...>
Date:Sunday, February 26, 2006, 17:33
Jörg Rhiemeier wrote:

> First impression: beautiful!
>This is very interesting, though I don't really see how this harmony works. >Which features harmonize, and how? > >
POA harmonises rightward for /t d s z ts dz n/ and matching forms in the other two places; back vowels and velars block the spread of palatisation (but they are marked for it anyway), and front vowels and palatals block retroflexion.
> Interesting. > It is very well done. I am looking forward to seeing text samples.
Thanks, Jörg! I made a text sample just last night (It's the Litany Against Fear, below)... Based on this I'm changing the form of |h|, I think. It's too /odd/. (Who knows whether I used the right matras everywhere. I was making decisions about how to apply harmony while writing. (In fact it looks like I used the wrong |i> in |gínjialuhís|.)) And even though it'll destroy the tidy symmetry of my chart, I need symbols for |cj> and |jz| (the retroflex affricates), or an affrication diacritic that's stackable and nicer than the double stroke through that appears in the text. Next up...maybe forcing an adaptation onto this so it turns into a Manchu-style hanging script. That thing is the most beautiful script ever. The text in Latin script: Vádane ummótohís né. Éndhaláyassere móto. Sánachere álahén ifpéresén dásje ya móto. Túussínhiane né nén mótuas. Mólohínhiane gínjialuhís-tyok-lévlealuhíssen nésj ráhes. Tyok wáhahécj laluhínure yasj yanghínsnje kámahís rán thíhyén mithén sémen. Tárahécj méyehínure móto yasj, wunjeluhínssja. Telahínsnje njyar né. -- The "Million Style Manual" is a set of sixty-four jade stones marked with pieces of Chinese characters. It expresses the kung fu of the void, as taught by P'an Ku's axe. Shreyas Sampat


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