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Re: Idioms & Phrases

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, August 26, 2002, 2:27
>The language has a tendency to shorten many common phrases into a single >word, although everyone knows the expanded form to which it refers. Anyone >know of another language (con or nat) that does this sort of thing?
Tagalog has: Ayoko < Ayaw ako : i dont like Ewan < Aywan ko : I dont know Teka! < Hintay ka : wait a moment Tena! < tayo na : let's go Lang < Kaunti lamang : just a little __________________________ No the moth dont care when he sees the flame The moth dont care if the flame is real Cause flame and moth got a sweetheart deal And nothing fuels a good flirtation Like need, and anger, and desperation