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Re: Piktok Webpage

From:Steve Cooney <stevencooney@...>
Date:Monday, June 21, 2004, 21:42
Feel free to put anything up on as
It's a wiki, which means *anyone can register (email
or not) and edit almost any page.  It's basically
*free and *unlimited webspace with simple markup
syntax, and facility for basic media files such as
jpeg, png, and svg. Register/login, upload, and then
link to the files from the containing page, like

The site-general legal stipulation is that work be
released to the public under the cc-by-sa license:
author attribution and non-commerciality are required,
while derivative and altered works are allowed,
provided they are under the same license.  I say all
this because even "free" copyleft issues can be
tricky, and they should be dealt with in the open, up
front. A simple "public domain" declaration may be a
better way to go, though the point of a license is to
associate it with other projects in case it needs to
be defended under common principles. (example:SCO
Linux suit)


--- Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...> wrote:
> I will try to free up some spce and put it back up > for > you this evening. Feel free to copy anything you > want > from the page after it's back up. (I'll let you know > when it's available) > > --gary > > --- Steve Cooney <stevencooney@...> wrote: > > A shame - you had some very good ideas - some of > > which > > I would have liked to have borrowed - lotep > numbers > > for representing cursive forms, for example. > > > > SC >
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