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Rihana: Hetiha: Sehahuzu 5A-6A

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Monday, June 21, 2004, 1:33
NOTE; This is the Rihana-ye text which covers approximately the material in
the Kushy Yemu items 5 and 6.  It is not so much a translation as a summary
which is primarily concerned with Item 6. The episode is based roughly on a story
told of both a Viking leader and a Norman leader in Italy IIRC, though in
those stories the "death" was purely a ruse.
John Leland

Yawalira-ye Wonowa
Blackwind's (Natural)Deathtime

Yawalira fufe tiva-fe-be fuchu he wivo.
Blackwind all gods-to openly not prayed.
Sepe Hetiba-fe-ye varoba Hemanathe-ye
But Freemen-of herald Desertedge-of
bibasa-the vibasa-be wivejo ge wivaro:
fort-beside temple-to came and said:
"Hetiba-fe-ye tiniba Yawalira sewa-me
Freemen-of headman Blackwind this-time-in
wono-mi, ge se fugevi vibasa-me wonosa
dying, and this very holy temple-in tomb
jo--vi(gi) wigivajo. Se kere nifeseba
(to) will make desired. This from (low) we
veba se hana-me febo-gi helevaro."
him this place-in  to bring ask."
Tiviba wiwevaro: "Veba fowa-le fugehevi,
High priest said: "He lifetime-in very unholy,
sepe fufe ba-fe tiva-fe-be vejo-bi,
but all men gods-to must go,
se kere veba se hana-me vejo-ki."
this from he this place-in may come."
Sepe hetiba-fe vibasa-me vejomiwa-me,
But freemen temple-in coming-time-in
feveba wivaro: "Yawalira fufe viba-fe biwo-gi wituvaro,"
they said: "Blackwind all priests to kill ordered,"
ge viba-fe wibiwo.
and priests killed.

Copied 5.15.04