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Re: Conscript

Date:Thursday, July 26, 2007, 14:50
> [] On Behalf Of Jorg Rhiemeier
> > I've started a personal language a while back but haven't really > > decided on a direction to take it. It looks like I've at least > > settled on the script. > > > > > > Looks nice. it is pretty, and it is featural (which I like) > without having the letters look too similar (as in Tengwar).
Thanks. I really wasn't going for looks. I was trying to stick to simple glyphs (all started with points on a simple grid) and keep each letter so that it could be drawn without lifting up the pen. Then I laid them out schematically. I'm still considering the addition of a couple of affricates /dZ/ and /tS/ with the glyphs being a combination of those parts, and maybe a diacritic or two to show rounding or lack of rounding on vowels so that names can be transcribed more accurately.