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OT: Harry and Christ (was Re: The last enemy) (Contains Harry Potter 7 Spoilers)

Date:Thursday, July 26, 2007, 3:09
>In the context of the bible, the subject is "Christ the firstfruits" >and it is Christ that destroys death. In the context of Harry Potter, >I'm not sure.
(This post might violate the no-religion rule.) (There are also spoilers here.) Some, including myself, have theorized that Harry actually does play the role of Christ and the series is just an allegory. An example in Book 7 is when he willingly walks up to Voldemort and is willingly killed and then rises from the dead. Also note the similarity between Peter and Ron: Both claim that they will never leave Jesus/Harry's side, and do when the going gets tough, but then both return as heroes.


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