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Re: [CLBP] Participation agreement

From:James W. <emindahken@...>
Date:Monday, October 30, 2006, 15:57
On Mon, 30 Oct 2006 06:56:07 -0800, "Sai Emrys" <sai@...> said:
> On 10/30/06, James W. <emindahken@...> wrote: > > FWIW, if the book ends up being cataloged by OCLC (Online Computer > > Library Center--the source for catalog records for libraries) and > > University libraries, there is a limit of 3 access points for authors. > > What this means in layman's terms is that someone could do a search in > > a library's catalog for up to 3 people as "author." Any more than that > > and only the *first* author has an access point. (Don't ask me why, > > that's just the way it is.) This is called, informally, the "rule of > > three." No catalog record can have more than three access points for > > authors, or editors. > > I certainly hope it will. :-) > > Is this three authors *and* three editors, or three total?
I'm pretty sure it is *and*.
> And is this compatible/incompatible with having four authors in other > areas? We could just have the top three be listed for OCLC purposes > after all.
Not sure what you're asking. What "other areas?" Table of Contents? The authors that are listed in the catalog record are those whose names appear on the title page of the book. If the name is not on the title page, there will be no access point for it. There are fields in catalog records where the entire contents and authors of each "chapter" or whatever can be listed (it's not mandatory, and depends a lot on who does the original cataloging. For scholarly works, this field usually does appear in the record.) This field is for "browsing" basically, and is not searchable. -------- James W.