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Some Sound Changes

From:Rob Haden <magwich78@...>
Date:Saturday, July 26, 2003, 2:50

I have some sound changes that I'd like to have in my language, but I'm not
sure how realistic they are:

/ai/ > /e/
/au/ > /o/
/ei/ > /i/
/eu/ > /ü/
/oi/ > /ö/
/ou/ > /u/
/¿E/* > /i:/
/Vi:/ > /i:/ or /Vi/ (which one is more realistic?)
/a:i:/ > /ai/ or /e:/ (" ")
/e:i:/ > /ei/ or /i:/ (" ")
/o:i:/ > /oi/ or /ö:/
/a:i/ > /ai/ or /e:/
/e:i/ > /ei/ or /i:/
/o:i/ > /oi/ or /ö:/
/a:u/ > /au/ or /o:/
/e:u/ > /eu/ or /ü:/
/o:u/ > /ou/ or /u:/
/ha/ > /a:/
/he/ > /e:/
/ho/ > /o:/

* /¿/ indicates a voiced pharyngal fricative or stop

Can anyone help?

- Rob


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