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cl, fl, pl from Vulgar Latin to Montreiano

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, September 3, 2001, 10:24
I finally decided on how i'd deal with fl, pl, and cl initially in
Montreiano. I had originally kept them as their old values, but then
decided that wasnt quite as realistic as i'd like. So, i came up with the

pl > pi > bi: pluvia > piuvia > biuvia - rain
cl > qui > gui: clamar > quiamar > guiamar - to call
fl > fi > vi: flama > fiama > viama - flame

*unlike in Spanish, for instance, Montreiano does distinguish separate
sounds for b and v: b - /b/, v - /v/.

As you can see, Montreiano cares less about etymology than other Romance
languages. And yes, it always seems like i'm tweaking Montreiano
phonetically, and that's partly why i've not done a lot of translations in
it. It usually takes me a while to be decided on things.


Ancient Goth: someone who overthrew the Roman Empire.
 Modern Goth: a vegetarian pretending to be a vampire.


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