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Medolian I

From:Dan Jones <feuchard@...>
Date:Monday, September 3, 2001, 15:51
As promised, here's something actually about the language, not just sample texts
etc. Observant readers will note a passing similarity between Medolian and my
(now defunct) conlang Arveuneic. BTW, "Medolian" is the English form of the
name, the native form is "medoleán"

Pronunciation of Vowels

Oral vowels:
a /a/
e /E/ when stressed, /@/ otherwise.
è /e/
i /i:/
o /o/
ò /o/
ou /O/
oú /u:/
u /u:/

Nasal vowels
an /a~/
en, èn, in /E~/
on, òn, oun /O~/
oún and un are not nasalised, both are pronounced /u:n/

Nasal vowels occur before consonants and word-finally. Combinations such as "ana"
are pronounced /ana/, not /a~ a/.

ai /aj/
oi /oj/
ei /Ej/
au /aw/
eu /ju/
ea /ja/
oa /wa/

There are no nasal diphthongs.

Pronunciation of Consonants
b /b/
c /s/ before <i, e>, /S/ finally after <i> and /k/ otherwise
ç /s/
d /d/, dental
f /f/
g /Z/ before <i, e>, /g/ otherwise.
gu /g/ before <i, e>, /gw/ otherwise.
gn /n_j/
gl /l_j/
h is silent, see sh
j /Z/
k /k/, only found in foreign borrowings.
l /l/
m /m/
n /n/
p /p/ unaspirated
qu /k/ before <i, e>, /kw/ otherwise.
r /r/, trilled, /R/ uvular in the east.
s /s/, /z/ between vowels in the east.
t /t/, dental, unaspirated.
v /v/
x /S/, only found in foreign borrowings.
y /j/
z /s/

Stress is regularly on the penultimate syllable, otherwise marked with an acute
accent: "I sing" cante /'kant@/, "song" cançón /kan'sO~/.
Before the Orthographical Reform of 1938, ô and ê were to be found, denoting
stressed /O/ and /E/. Today they are only found in proper names: Pêdreic


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