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ConPhono: lego vxono-lo'ji 2.0

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, November 17, 2001, 1:53
... lego vxono-lo'ji, 2.0  [duo-p:∞:o-zero]...

    /modified CPA 1.0  is used for IPA-SAMPA/

vowels:   a     e    i     o     u        :      e:       'y'
        /"a/ /E/ /i/ /o/  /u/   /@/   /eI/   /aI/

    p  /p/      b /'b/ <stressed>
    t /t/       d /d/
    c /k/       g /g/

    f /f/       v  /'v/ - stressed
    s /s/-/S/   z  /z/
                zj  /z`/   as in "de jure," "Zhivago", "rouge,"pleasure,"
azure, etc.
                x  /X/  palatal-velar fricative,
                        i.e. Spanish "j"  _Mejico_;   Mexican "x"  _Mexico_

                l  /l/
                r  /*r`/
                w  /w/
                y  /j/

                m /m/
                n /n/
                "N  /"N/  "ng" as in "Shang" "xing" "sing" (I like the IPA
symbol, but "N will hafta to do for now)


    'j  /dz`/   "g" as in "geology"

    vx  /'vX/  for words with Greco "ph" roots

    q    /kw/   as in quartet, quintet, aqua

    µ   <--- Greek _mu_  /mu/  as in music, muse, museum, etc.

    ->     <`t'dz:>     /^({t!d*^^z})/
        extra-short affricative click-implosive + extra-
                    sibilant fricative.... sounds like a kid playing zap-
                                gun/stun-gun ;)    grammatical particle
marker,                                         marking object(s) phrase in
sentence & relation to verb/subject

    ∞   <--- infinity sign   /':z/   stressed, long fricative (for 'x' words
like _xeno_,                                        _xylo_)

    :∞:  <--- mutant infinity sign      /^(@'k^z)/
            extra-short "schwa" + stressed /k/ + sibilant fricative /z/

            for words with 'x' /eks/ roots, i.e. six, extreme, sex,
                        experiments, ecstasy (extasis), nexus, helix,

    Ω   <--- omega/ohm sign   /om/   sentence final grammatical article
(related to                                         Hindu/Buddhist _om_ as
well as technoculture                                           _Ohm_)

... hehe... oddness, eh?

    czHANg, A.I.N.M.U. (Autonome' InterNationale Mobile Unit) #23zzyzx