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And the subject of that was?

From:Dan Jones <dan@...>
Date:Saturday, November 17, 2001, 0:52
Aquamarine, *please* leave the subject headers in? It makes it difficult to
follow a thread if you just leave them out.



Aquamarine Demon escreva:
> >> Dunno if you can get > >> away with "l'amour de Jean d'Irène". > > > >Not without going to jail for a long, long time! > >*confused* why? My limited knowledge of french leaves me puzzled.... :( > > >I occasionally slip into other languages to annoy and entertain, mostly to > >annoy, my friends and relatives. So I'll say "fortasse" or "peut-etre" > >smetimes. > >Hehe... I speak French sometimes to annoy my sister.... ;) >Just simple stuff like "pourquoi", "je ne sais pas" or "ma soeur est >pénible"... but it annoys her anyways, because she doesn't know what I'm >saying.... hehe... it's fun to be (semi)bilingual. :) > >The Aquamarine Demon >Gesám ayi mozuká. Gesám dohíng mozuká. Gesám adohíng mozuká! > > > >Do You Yahoo!? >Find the one for you at ><>Yahoo! >Personals.
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