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Re: SIL Toolbox and IPA Unicode 1.0

From:Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>
Date:Friday, September 3, 2004, 8:41
--- Ray Brown <ray.brown@...> wrote:
 For the last three years
> I, as a computer > scientist, have been teaching students "Human > Computer Interface". I made > extensive use of Ben Sheiderman's excellent book > "Designing the User > Interface". Who is Ben Sheiderman? A professor of > *computer science* at > the University of Maryland. He is also a pioneer in > user-interface design > and done much valuable research in this area. > > Ben Sheiderman is a guy I can and do respect. Your > insult is ill-informed > and IMO contemptuous.
I perfectly respect Ben Sheiderman, whoever he might be. The fact is that I never had to cope with his theories. I have to cope with ordinary computers and software. I'm not working in a university, but in a normal office, with normal people. What planet are you living on ?
> Get real, please! What planet do you live on?
Earth, France, 2004 AD, if that's how it should be written.
> > But I, as a > > user, don't give a damn about what the smart > > specialist thinks. I got a fucking tool, > > I assume you're not familiar enough with colloquial > English to realize > what you've just written!
Ah, an interesting point that had escaped me so far. I just tried to look American, and I heard that the first rule to speak American is to say "fuck" every fourth word, as an average. But true, "fucking tool" sounds, ehm, weird.
> > Philippe, if you don't like "vi", use another > editor. Somebody using bad > > tools should blame themselves for not finding > better tools, not the > > toolsmith for making something that satisfies > millions of other people. > > Quite so. I remember being told many times as a > youngster "The good > workman never blames his tools".
Look, we got an AIX system, and it was delivered with: vi, emacs, ed and INed, whatever it may be. This system is recent. If they are modern good tools, why weren't they included in the package ? Why do I have to make an inquiry to know what the supposed good tools are, and how to get them ? And, believe it or not, most of the people working today on Unix still use vi ! And they are proud to know that Esc-ZZ means something, and ^z means something else. That's why I said "stone age". The fact that "millions of people" are satisfied with vi isn't really an argument to me. Millions of people are satisfied with George Bush or Jacques Chirac. That's their problem. My problem is having a good (and intuitive) tool to get my work done.
> > > > > That's not uncommon: PHP and Perl do it. You're > bitching about nothing > > there. Most languages designers attempt to keep > things familiar and only > > change things if they can't think of any other > clean way to do it. > > Yes, I did try to explain this to Philippe a few > weeks back. I agree he's > bitching about nothing, but he won't be convinced. >
OK, my problem is, for ex, the following: as I'm learning some JavaScript now (but it could be anything else), I try writing small programs or functions in Javascript and look how it works, or doesn't. In about 75% of the cases, when it doesn't work, it's because of syntax problems: I know perfectly what I want to do and how I would write it in a language I know, but Javascript decided it was no good and I had to write it another way (BTW, I'm just reading Flanagan's JavaScript, and I'm horrified by the consequences of using the same symbol, "+", both for concatenating and adding - about type conversions, for ex. WHY had they to do that ?). Anyway, all the time I spend on these syntax problems I consider as lost for productivity. ===== Philippe Caquant "High thoughts must have high language." (Aristophanes, Frogs) _______________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Win 1 of 4,000 free domain names from Yahoo! Enter now.


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