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Re: Some thoughts on T4 grammar (inspired by HT & HST)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Saturday, March 26, 2005, 13:46

Jonathan Knibb <j_knibb@...> writes:
> Thanks to Henrik for a nice, simple set of translation exercises - > exactly what I needed at this stage. The T4 translations proceed > along an interestingly parallel path to the S11 ones. (I wonder if > there’s any significance in the similarity of names between these > two similar but independent conlangs...? :) )
Interesting that we once found so many similarities in Tyl Sjok (that's S2, BTW), remember? :-) Now more parallelism in S11?
>... > T4 would say: > > Ë ca Jónë yethi. > Tg R1k John butcher > >... > S11> John-HEARSAY butcher-be REL 'John the butcher' (apposition) > > The R and T markers for this phrase would depend on context, but > otherwise: > > Jonë yethi > (R) (T) John butcher
I now see that parallelism with S2: it is embedding its relative clauses without markers, right. S2 does exactly the same. Further, it's also a binary tree structure, but the structure is generally unmarked (awful ambiguities arise!), while I do have a preliminary marking by tone, too. There are optional particles to do the marking if the speaker feels it's necessary. The parallelism between T4 and S11 currently escapes me a bit. Especially since the main clause structure in S11 is a sequence of noun-verb phrases linked by SVC, while T4's structure is a neat binary tree. **Henrik