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Re: another newbie

From:David Barrow <davidab@...>
Date:Monday, November 25, 2002, 14:12
Hi Yitzik

"Isaac A. Penzev" wrote:

> Primafeyra, 24 Noyembre 2002 15:47:40 -0500 David Barrow eskribiw: > > Shalom, David! Hål wesðu! ¡Hola! ¡Salám`aleykom, mi rafiko! (choose the > best) > Christophe already mentioned that those are aposteriori languages. I just > couldn't help greeting you as one more "naturalist", as we joke here. The > most heartly welcome to the club! > > <<<for example an English that hadn't lost most of > its inflexions and had kept grammatical gender or an English without > Norse, Norman, French, Latin influence, but instead had kept the > original Anglo-Saxon vocabulary but had still undergone the sound > changes modern English went through (such as gws) >>> > > You're not the only one! One of my now dormant projects, Eðelenglisc, > follows the same idea, but as concerns phonetics, I decided to stop at the > pre-GWS stage. > > Do you have a web site? > > <<<I speak English and > Spanish so my interest centres mainly around these two>>> > > Are you bilingual? Or you mean that you speak good Spanish as a foreign > lang?
If you mean in the layman's sense of the word, I'd say yes. I speak it almost as well as I speak English. I grew up here in Peru after coming here at age 5. I have been speaking both languages since then. My English vocabulary is at a better level than my Spanish level because I went back to England after finishing school so it stayed at that level until I came back 5 years ago. David