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Constructive Criticism Appreciated: Thanks

From:william drewery <will65610@...>
Date:Sunday, July 11, 2004, 22:38
Thank you all for your responses, David, Nik, Danny,
Emily and Tim.
   The reason there's no q` or q, is that as Danny
surmised, k turns into q when pharyngealized. I
probably should've written k` and k, as q` and q,.
Interestingly, Ubykh distinguishes pharyngealized and
pharyngealized-ejective velar stops from
pharyngealized and pharyngealized-ejective uvular
stops. Ubykh also has the same four-way contrast
between stops as my language (Tlilarese), and adds to
that a series of voiced stops and
voiced-pharyngealized stops.
  Languages such as Ubykh and Lushootseed were, in
fact, part of my inspiration for the sound system of
Tlilarese. I found it cool that Lushootseed came up in
the replies. I did not intend to have such a large
inventory, it came about by me trying to have a
phonology that fit my esthetic taste while also being
systematic. I've always had a soft spot for
phonologies with a lot of gutteral and throat
articulations. I'm not botherd by the size of the
Tlilarese inventory, there's enough natlangs with
similar or larger sound systems. But I do want to keep
it under 80 phonemes.
   It's not that I dislike nasals. Tlilarese started
out with nasals, m n ng N(uvular nasal) but they got
cut when I tried to wittle down the phonology since
they didn't show any of the cool secondary contrasts.
If I include them as seperate sounds, they'll probably
form a pharyngealized as well as nonpharyngealized
series. But I really like the idea of having nasals as
allophones with nasal vowels. Thanks for the idea,
David. I'm just not sure how to do this with the
ejectives. I guess preglottalized nasals for the
ejectives, or perhaps prenasalization. Exactly what is
the difference between a preglottalized sound and a
postglottalized one? I'm not sure how to pronounce the
  Nobody commented on the "strident" consonants. I
think they would be really neat, but I know of no
natlang with anything similar (the Khoisan languages
use "stridence" as a segmental feature). I fear though
that they might wreak havoc on Tlilarese phonation(I'm
about to post on the vowels, which should make what I
mean more apparent). But if anyone has any ideas I
wuld love to hear them.
 By the way, I pronounce an ejective pharyngeal
fricative like this: start out with a glottal closure,
let it build pressure and release while saying a
voiceless Arabic @ayn. It sounds a lot like a dog
cough:) You can also start out with a @ayn sound, and
cut it off with a massive glottal stop and release
(this is easier, at least for me). Either way the
acoustic effect is about the same.

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