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about M.A.Foster's Layaklan (formerly Singlespeech)

From:Elane Imgoven <sixroads@...>
Date:Friday, February 6, 2009, 22:09
Apologies, please, if this is an inappropriate note to add.

Some while ago, one of the Conlang list-members posted in passing about
Singlespeech, the fictional language of the Lerfolk from M.A. Foster's novel
_The Gameplayers of Zan_. Foster worked on further development of
Singlespeech over the intervening years, and it has now evolved into
Layaklan (the name of the language, which in English would translate into

Lexicons of Layaklan>English and English>Layaklan, with a few other useful
notes, are available via the Institute For Applied Interrelationships'
website at

Most of these files are presented as Adobe PDFs, in read-only (printing
allowed, but not copying, data capture or modification) format.

There will presently be more information concerning Layaklan there,
including one of my own projects, _Layaklana Cognita_, a supporting
reference for translation.

Day's pleasance,

Elane Imgoven