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3rd Language Creation Conference update & preview

From:Language Creation Society <lcs@...>
Date:Saturday, February 7, 2009, 12:07

The Third Language Creation Conference is fast approaching, and we
wanted to give you more information about just what's going on.

The conference is being held on the Brown University campus in
Providence, Rhode Island, March 21-22, 2009.

On Friday, March 20th, we will have a more informal meet and greet -
plan to arrive early and take a walking tour of the local
Lovecraft-related sites.

Hotel info is at .

LCC3 will feature conference-style presentations, shorter
presentations on specific conlangs, panel discussions, workshops, and
more, including:

- The WORLD PREMIERE showing of a new short film, "Conlang", by Swan Dive Films.

- A presentation on Kelen's Ceremonial Interlace Alphabet by Sylvia Sotomayor

- A presentation on the practical design of non-linear writing systems
by Schuyler Duveen

- An introduction to orthography and font creation by David Peterson

- An introduction to a tactile language by Sai Emrys and Alex Fink

- An introduction to Varkuzan: the language Paul Varkuza named himself after

- Donald Boozer's Conlangs exhibit, as it appeared at the Chicago Public Library

The creators of the film (from Columbia University), and the creator
of the Uscaniv language featured prominently in the film, will be on
hand to answer questions and explain what led to its creation. If
you'd like to see a five minute teaser they made before major filming
began, you can take a look at it on YouTube here:

Or see more films by Swan Dive Films at their website:


For the second year in a row, we'll be running a relay for LCC3
participants, the results of which will be unveiled live at the
conference!  If you'd like to participate, you can e-mail the Valydas
Relay List (sign up information below), or e-mail David Peterson
( with the following information:

(1) Your name
(2) The language you want to use
(3) The e-mail address you want to use for the relay
(4) Whether you're attending LCC3
(5) Your availability between now and March 18th

LCC3 Relay:
Valdyas Relay List:


Finally, some may have heard of the Smiley Award, handed out annually
to one created language--to see past winners, go here:

For the first time in the award's history, the Smiley Award will be
presented live to one of the attendees at LCC3.  Who will it be?  It
could be anyone--even YOU (provided you're in attendance)!


If you are presently planning on attending, or even if you can't
attend and have something to share, we wanted to let you know about
the poster session going on this year. Conlangers from all over the
globe are submitting conlang- related artwork, or sample texts in
their orthographies, or other related visual art to display at LCC3.
We've got a lot of submissions so far--including Steven Travis's
Tapissary exhibit...

...but we're looking for more (we want to cover the walls). If you're
interested, contact us, or send us .pdf files and/or snail mail
physical documents to us, and we'll display them during LCC3.  Got
ideas, but aren't sure how to realize them on paper?  Let us know!

Our email address is

LCC3 is on the horizon!  Be sure not to miss out!

- Sai Emrys & David Peterson