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¡u�op �pısdn �ʇı ɹ� u�ɔ ooʇ noʎ

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, December 6, 2008, 16:44
Alex Fink wrote:(someone wrote:)> >Clearly Unicode needs to include upside down
letters, mirror image letters,> and upside down mirror image letters. > >
Clearly they do. Upside down letters at least. > > I mean, didn't it always
used to happen that you'd be out doing fieldwork,> on a mission, what have you,
and you'd need some extra distinctive letters> you could produce with your
trusty typewriter for some orthography you were> stirring up -- and what could
you do?
Absolutely! Back in typewriter days, there were times I needed a nice clean schwa on a few
occasions. Solution: take the paper out, put it back in upside down, align
carefully, type "e" and voilà. But keep the White-Out handy :-) ...and it's
not something convenient to do in a lengthy paper :-)...
In my diss. on South Sulawesi languages and Proto-Austronesian, I fudged by using
barred-i, which annoyed some people; but IMNSHO was better than using the
standard "e" for *schwa, especially since SSul languages also had [e] of
different origin. Even now I have a thing about the schwa character, and prefer
to use e-breve in Indonesian material, which at least has historical precedent,
and tended to be available in computer fonts that lacked schwa (even though
fonts available now have solved that problem.)


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