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CHAT: Lehmann & PIE

From:Ed Heil <verbumsapienti@...>
Date:Monday, May 17, 1999, 22:45
> I recently signed off the indo-european list because it was a little high
> for me, but yes, I saw (in fact, I indirectly instigated) that debate between > Pat Ryan and the rest about Lehmann... As far as I could tell, Pat Ryan
> actually *agree* with Lehmann about anything but is very upset when other
> dismiss his ideas summarily. Peculiar. > > As far as I could tell that fight consisted of Patrick arguing that you
> ignore Lehmann, but then rejecting the idea which is held not only by Lehmann > but also by the vast majority of IEists, that Y, W, R, L, M, and N (and the > laryngeals, whatever they are) pattern equivalently in PIE. > > What the others on the list objected to was Lehmann's notion (which they > characterized as 'structuralist') that rather than understanding PIE to have
> vowels, like any other language on the planet, we should understand it to have > had a somehow non-segmental quality called 'syllabicity,' which nonetheless > manifested itself in vowel segments. > > I don't think that the active/stative and OV issues are really comparable:
> may be nutty, but they're not nutty for any reason particularly connected to > Lehmann's "structuralism." > > Ed > >