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Re : Can any of your conlangs do this?

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Date:Monday, May 17, 1999, 21:05
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 17/05/99 21:02:03  , Padraic a =E9crit :

> Of course, it makes absolutely no sense in English: the translation is > just so you know what's being said. The joke's basis is that dis (said) > and dix (ten) sound alike; as do sans (without) and cent (100). So "je > dis sept" sounds like "je, dix-sept". > =20 > Padraic. > =20
Ennoying, that : pain au lait, pin haut laid les seins, laisse un, lait sain m=E9taux, mes taux, mette haut, mais t=F4t quand les gendarmes rient, toute la gendarmerie. l'esth=E9tique tranquille, laisse tes tiques tranquilles ! la mythologie, la mite au logis etc. This is definitely why all my conlangs are always strictly parse-able : each=20 French sentence can be re-broken down in different words and could often be=20 ambiguous if it weren't for the stress at the end of the words warning "hey = !=20 This one is over". I can't stand the idea that snotty brats could make fun o= f=20 my languages. Japanese is just the same but for some reason my Japanese=20 friends don't get my witty jokes. They're just not funny people. Mathias