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Re: Weekly Vocab again?

From:Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 8:16
Christopher Wright wrote:
> 1. to think > I think about many things.
mapizu Mapizunvaku pivblalai pifluaai Mapizu-na -va =ku pif- blala-i pif- lua -i Think -3rdPlIrr-Hab=I.nom G7Pl-thing-PL G7Pl-many/much-pl [mApi'zomvAku pev'blalaj pef'lwa:j]
> 2. to plan > I plan to go to town today.
Kaft'ia Vuliikaft'ialuki laazli uabiitaniba Vulii-kaft'ia-u-ki laazli ua-biitani -ba Go -plan -I-NonPunct today [vuli:kAf'tsaloC= 'la:zr\i wAdal'pAbA] Notes: 1. Assumes that the speaker is planning to go alone, otherwise the verb zaba would be used instead of vulii 2. Some dialects have vulikkaft'iauki instead of vuliikaft'iauki. Vulik is an allomorph of vulii, only used, in the standard dialect, before vowels or l 3. Biitani can refer to any inhabited place, from a collection of tents to a metropolis (altho in later periods it tended to 4. The {l} in -kaft'ialuki shows up before the ending -u, before consonant-initial endings, it shows up as gemination.
> 3. road > I will go by the low road.
Pialif Naivulikuki pialiffi pimatuuli Nai- vulii-u-ki p- ialif -li pi-matuu-li Future-go -I-NonPunct G7-road/path-inst G7-low -inst [najvuli'koC= pjA'leppi pimA'toCCi] Notes: 1. -li has an allophone -*i, where * indicates gemination
> 4. cloak / coat / culturally acceptable heavy outer garment > I took my warmest cloak.
Not applicable. The Kassi live in a hot climate.
> 5. to stumble > I stumbled on the road.
Batata Fabatatu pialifka Fa- batata -u p- ialif-ka Past-stumble-I G7-road -inessive [fAbA'tatu pjA'lefkA] Notes: 1. Batata is one of a small number of verbs ending in -a that lose the a before vowels and {l}; historically these are derived from schwa-final roots
> 6. wind > The wind was fierce.
Uanfakil Fasalpalki uanfakil Fa- sa- lpa -l -ki ua-nfakil Past-PredAdj-strong-it-NonPuct G6-wind [fAsal'pAlCi wAm'fACel]
> 8. to freeze > My ears are freezing.
No word for "freeze" Sadiagutanki uaffamaakuai Sa- diaguta-na -ki uaf- famaa-kua-i PredAjd-cold -3rdPlIrr-NonPunct G6Pl-ear -my -pl [sadZagu'taJCi wAffA'mA:kwaj] "My ears are cold" is the closes I could come to that.
> 9. ice > I think they have become ice.
No word for ice. The Kassi live in a climate that is far too warm for ice to ever form
> 10. inn > I arrive at the inn half-dead.
No word for inn in the classical language. -- "There's no such thing as 'cool'. Everyone's just a big dork or nerd, you just have to find people who are dorky the same way you are." - overheard ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-Name: NikTaylor42