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Re: Weekly Vocab again?

From:João Ricardo Oliveira <hokstein@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 14:43
Here's something in my draft lang. Most word had to be coined right now. ;-)

1. to think = sela
I think about many things.

Selakol ka yenaritarite.
selakol: think, habitual aspect
ka: I, nominative
yenaritarite: things, plural (-tari), accusative (-te)

2. to plan = moca
I plan to go to town today.

Mocate ka kasajpe karyen.
plan, present tense / I / town, dative case / today

3. road
I will go by the low road.

Eskala ka lajatrekana amode.
go, future tense / I / road, instrumental case (-kana) + definite article
(la-) / ode, adjective marker (-am)

4. cloak / coat / culturally acceptable heavy outer garment
I took my warmest cloak.

Bafgeha ka kafi ufadute amlatarike.
carry, past tense / I / my (I + genitive marker) / coat, accusative / warm,
adjective marker (am-), article (-la-)

I'll send the rest later.

João Ricardo Oliveira