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Yet another wanderer returns

From:Paul Bennett <paul.bennett@...>
Date:Monday, September 6, 1999, 19:01
Hi all!

(Apologies if the line-length is a bit off, but I have a new mail client, and
haven't quite found all the bells and whistles yet.)

Along with many others, I'm also back, altho y'all probably didn't even notice
me gone, as I only ever stuck my head up to say "as for my conlang." :-)
I'm trying hard not to do that any more, tho' it's very hard to not try and chip
in with what I feel might be interesting/useful/distracting things.

I used to post as but was away from work for a
while, I'm now back at work, and in the interim, my email address has changed.

Thanks to the miracle of auto-forwarding, I've still been able to read the list,
but not post, until I pulled my finger out about 20 minutes ago and swapped it
all around and (un/re)subscribed.

Ob AFMCL: Progressing nicely, if slowly, ta very much.
I may or may not have managed to post an update via egroups a few weeks ago, if
not then suffice to say I haven't worked v hard on Wenetaic much lately, tho the
script has been rethunk top to bottom after getting Daniels "Writing Systems of
the World" (thanks to Boudewijn for recommending that one :-), and most of the
(pseudo?)cases have had a bit of a fight and have all fallen out with each other
:-)  Also, it may turn out to be a proto- form, as I don't like the phonology.
One day soon, I'll put a "primer" on the web (or the list, if anyone asks for
it), and as I am a complete rank amateur I will beg wholeheartedly for all
(I'm especially desperate for help with my (pseudo)cases, which are almost
loglang-ish while being very hard for me to describe)


(Apologies for the following legal bushtill, I have no control over it)

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