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THEORY: Re : Re: Re : Re: THEORY: Question about the evolution of language

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Date:Monday, September 6, 1999, 19:43
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 06/09/99 19:27:13  , Mailleneudefuque a =E9crit :

> ian tattersall attributes the success of homo sapiens over the neanderthal > population approx 40,000 years ago to the inauguration of symbolic though=
> "art symbols, music, notation, language, feelings of mistery, mastery of > diverse materials and sheer cleverness: all these attributes and more , > were foreign to the neanderthals and are native to us" > in "becoming human" he writes > "for the 1st time, innovation was a routine part of human life > that could easily be shared with others. > against that kind of competition, no other human species could hold out" > =20 > =20
i am not going to argue with such outrageously sapiencentric a viewpoint. i was speaking for these thousands innocent victims of the past. mathias btw : if anyone knows a neanderthal please mail me. i'm interested in sueing Sapiens for humongous damages and a big patch of land in Tahiti, Italy and the French Riviera (still wondering why inuit chose Nunavut=20 instead).