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Spoken Thoughts ( My second, better formed, non crappy Language)

From:Eruanno none <eruanno@...>
Date:Thursday, December 28, 2000, 22:16
Some of you may know me, others, may not.  All the same:
My name is Eruanno, which is Quenya for Gift of God, or Matthew.
I have been studying languages for quite some time and joined the Elfling
list.  I was directed to this list by some of its members.  I have been
monitoring both lists for well over a year now and have learned much in
language forms ( also studying Latin, German, and Swedish on my own ).

With all my knowledge ( which was very incomplete at the time ( and still is
quite considerably insufficient )), I formed the language titled Eowend.  I
had formed all of the principles I understood ( and that was not alot ) from
Quenya ( JRR Tolkien's Elven Language ), and made my best efforts at making
my own.

Needless to say, it being my first attempt, it failed miserably.
I had no cases, no distinction between verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs,
and what not...

You see my point.

Anyways,  I have been working on my own language for about 2 weeks, forming
the case endings, rules, and uses ( I have no ROOTs to go on yet, as I am
still deciding on the common root/stem structure ( against CV(C) and/or
VC(V) and/or CVCV(C) and so on, keeping the roots somewhat short ).

I am having a hard time deciding what I should use for the endings and
beginnings for the other parts of speach.

So far, I have 8 or 9 cases for the noun, with 2 numbers, the aorist ( Greek
form ) form of the verb, future, past, present, and perfect versions of
future and past.  I am working on the adjective and soon the adverb.

Here is where you come in ( and I thank you for your time if you have made
it thus far ).  I cannot decide what I should do about the articles, IE: The
thing, compared to A thing.

And if anybody who has done as I am doing can help, could someone give me
some advice in my language.

If I had formed some of my stems/roots, I would form a basic sentance.
Alas, I have yet to start forming the lexicon, and won't do so until the
grammar system is complete ( all my last language was just lexicon where it
was just another English clone ).

Thank you for your precious time, and I would like to thank anybody for just
reading over my e-mail.
Hantale,   <- "Thank you" in Quenya
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