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TRANS: I to my perils, part 2

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Thursday, November 8, 2001, 21:19
(Hmm, don't seem to be any other visible A.E. Housman fans on this list.
Oh well.  <G>  I need the vocabulary building in preparation for conlang
relay anyway.)

The second stanza of A.E. Housman's poem, "I to my perils":

The thoughts of others
   were light and fleeting,
   of lovers meeting
or luck or fame.
Mine were of trouble
   and mine were steady,
   so I was ready
when trouble came.

In Tasratal:

italrun-ru-bu-san azai-ru
   akisli-xi zai-xi
   azai-su alasce-asram-ru itebu-kyx-ge-ga-zel
itico-ge-ga-zel firtu-ge-ga

nia-san azai-ru tasu-ge-zel
   nia-san azai-ru tasu-ge-zel
   nia-san izai-xi
rei-pai tasu akiar-tau-rus


(Note: [i"] from Kirshenbaum is used for barred-i instead of SAMPA [1] or
the-number-one because I can't distinguish it from the-letter-ell.

italrun-ru-bu-san azai-ru akisli-xi zai-xi
[italrun'ruPusan atsai'ru akisli'Si tsai'Si]
other.more.some.ownership thought.more casual.bearing-quality

azai-su alasce-asram-ru itebu-kyx-ge-ga-zel itico-ge-ga-zel firtu-ge-ga
[atsai'su alastSe'asramru itePu'ki"SNeNatsel ititSoNeNatsel pfirtuNeNa]
thought.cause-casual love.person.more meet.cause-intended.action-toward.or
luck.action-toward.or fame.action-toward

nia-san azai-ru tasu-ge-zel nia-san azaro-xi
[nia'san atsai'ru tasu'getsel nia'san atsaro'Si]
I.ownership thought.more trouble.action-toward.and I.ownership

nia izai-xi rei-pai tasu akiar-tau-rus
[nia itsai'Si rei'pai tasu akiar'taurus]
I ready.bearing-quality event-in-progress.prereqisite trouble

Yoon Ha Lee []

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