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Re: Various Commands (was Uralic Negative Verbs)

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Saturday, April 8, 2006, 12:20
> >AFMCL, in uwjge orders are expressed with the help of specific 2p > >pronouns... so "eat your veggies!" would look something like "you-IMP are > >eating your veggies". (Sorry for the lack of translations, but my >lexicon's > >still very unstable.) > >This is an interesting idea....thus making it mutually exclusive of other >pronouns. What would happen if your verb was in the past tense or >conditional and you used the imperative pronoun with it? > >Harold
"Past imperative" would most likely end up being "I wanted you to ... " I'm not sure about the conditional; it could stack into an optative of sorts, or just end up as a conditional imperative (do X if ...) John Vertical


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