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Re: Various Commands (was Uralic Negative Verbs)

Date:Friday, April 7, 2006, 2:49
> This is an interesting idea....thus making it mutually exclusive of other > pronouns. What would happen if your verb was in the past tense or > conditional and you used the imperative pronoun with it?
It seems to me that this would have some interesting uses...such as saying things like "If we have veggies, you will eat them!" with a conditional imperative. Or possibly, similar to the perfect: "You will have eaten your veggies", but with an imperative. As it is in English, you just have to use the future or conditional and let the listener/reader infer that it is an imperative. In (the most current working edition of) Cenoji, the imperative implies future only, as you can't change something in the past, although I'm changing everything around. As for a new lang I'm working on (started a couple days ago), it's just a bunch of particles (it's an isolating language, although it has a lot of principles such as cases and such that are typically found in agglutinating languages), and you can combine particles to your heart's content. Simply throw the imperative and past tense to express a past imperative, etc. :)