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A new member and a new conlang sketch

From:Mr Veoler <veoler@...>
Date:Monday, September 17, 2007, 19:45
Hello. I'm new here, though I've been an archive skimmer for a while now. I'm a
native Swede, and an one year old newbie, since I got net access last year and
have read about linguistic on the net. That's enough about me for now.

My present main project is Raikudu, which seems to soon become the first of my
sketches to reach beyond the sketch stage, my first full-fledged language.
Though it will not be too soon.

Phonology and Phonotactics (X-SAMPA)

p  b              t  d              k  g     ?
          f  v     s  z     S        x        h
                   ts       tS dZ
    m                 n

a u i e o @

/p t k/ are aspirated. /r/ has [4] as an allophone. /e o/ are [e_x o_x]
(if "_x" is the right suffix for midness). /@/ are the mid center one, not the
reduced colorless one; normally unrounded. /dZ/ has [Z] as an allophone.

/a/    [a A]
/i/    [i I j]
/u/    [u w]

Suggestions regarding orthography? (the part of Unicode not universally
implemented in common fonts forbidden)

The phoneme inventory is intended to be a plausible auxlangish one, but not an
ideal auxlangish one. Raikudu is not intended as an auxlang, but I want it to
be fairly easy for everyone to pronounce anyway. A major design criteria in my
conlanging is to not be biased by my native language, so if it should be easy
to pronounce for _me_ it seems reasonable that it also should be so for others.
That's the story about the auxlangishness: an underlying nonbiasedness.

All syllables has the shape CV(V), the roots are either CV(V)CV or CVCV(V), the
language uses affixes in the shape of one syllable each morpheme.

Well, enough for now. I doesn't have much time for this list,
so please have patience with my slow replies!

To be continued...


(apparently Gmail's messing around with the reply-to, so notice)