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English THOU

From:Fior Avant <chiph@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 21, 2000, 23:34
>Actually I think many people, perhaps as a combination of the archaism of >"thou" and its use towards God, have reanalyzed "thou" as a _formal_ form. >I know that's what I thought, till a video game taught me otherwise.
Yes, and so it's wrong to use THOU as a respectful term. If you said, towards a noble, THOU he would probably have you arrested :-) THOU shows NO (okay, a little) respect but a "close relationship" to someone.
>Yeah, that's definitely how's it's seen now. In Star Wars (Episode 6, I >think?), Darth Vader asks the Emperor, "What is thy bidding, my master?" >- definitely a reversal of the original usage!
I didn't watch "Star Wars" (yeah... I know what I missed) but if they used THOU/THY/THEE/THINE in that way you tell, that was a big and unfortunate mistake. Like only hollywood can make :-]]]]] chiph -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Dreams are such stuff we are made on" ( Shakespeare, The Tempest) ICQ 4246788 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------