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Re: Alexiteca, _Aalexsit'exaa_

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Monday, March 25, 2002, 9:56
En réponse à J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>:

> Am I on target or off? 0_o? >
Not completely :)) . Hiatus refers to two vowels being contiguous (without a consonant in between) and without forming a diphtongue. Different languages have different ways to solve it. Some use glottal stops to separate them, others (like Hawai'i IIRC) use the glottal stop only between identical vowels and leave the hiatus between non-identical vowels as it is, some don't allow hiatus at all, so their words don't have it, and they insert consonants where morphological features would put two vowels in contact. If I only refer to the name of your language ur'-æüm /3:` @Um/, you simply keep hiatus, like my Astou, and Old French :)) .
> > >Please don't use Unicode encoding in e-mails please :(( <sob>. Well, > it's > >not that bad since I can read it on my webmail (I just change the > encoding > >of IE for a minute :)) ). But if this time it worked, some times it > doesn't > :((
For instance today, it works quite bad :(( . My webmail is slow, and wants to redownload the post each time I change encoding, and sometimes it plain doesn't work :(( .
> .ur'-ae'u'm's name: > - fits the sound-symbolism in this Conlang - the various > multi-level > phono-lexico-semantic metaphors being "built" into .ur'-ae'u'm > - is a nice touch of dead-pan punning (dead as Ur, the ancient > Sumerian city) on the sounds made by someone brain-farting, i.e. > " > ummm..." ;) > - is an _hommage_ to the mix of languages & ideas contributing > to it > > vaevo .ur'-ae'u'm ~ aa-lego-lexsi-t'exaa meme-idee linga-.lilaa! > ae'u'm > /v@vo 3:`_h @Um a lego leksi t_heka meme idi linga L_hila @Um/ > > life/intensity Ur-Aum, a-Lego-word(s)-bag/-contain(er) > Gestalt-thought(s) > ... tongue(phallic)-(divine)play/creation! Aum > > (Long)life (to) Ur-Om, a Lego-like language of current, powerful > ideas > and creative sacred-&-profane word play! Om >
And it still reminds me of the name of the snake which bites its own tail: Uraeus. Intentional similarity? :))
> > I tend to have a low, gutteral creaky voicing (a la heroin junkies > like > the late William S. Burroughs but a little more aggressive like > Japanese > samurai speaking). And my throat chanting/singing of "dark"-coloured > rhotic > vowels and rhotic-to-trill-R sounds in the velar-to-epiglottal ranges > seem to > have had some slight effect on my conlanging recently.
I wish I was even able to control my sounds past the uvula :((( .
> > "Chirurgical" ? :) ::runs to the OED:: Not there! OH... ya mean > "surgical"?
I really have to check it. But I swear in everything I've read they used "chirurgical" in the expression "whatever... precision" :(( .
> hmmm, I kinda like the look of that word... > .ur'ae'u'm -ized: xi.rurrgixaa /kiR\ur\`gika/ >
And it's Greek :)) .
> > Intriguin'. I need to get "into" anime more when I have the time & > money > (oh I have time on my hands, I am "disabled"... it's the money part that > I > don't). >
:)) Funny enough, when you scratch the "apparently" stupid and violent looks of anime, you find that it's a spring of information about the Japanese culture, and way easier to understand than a thesis :)) . Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.