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Re: [TEE] back?

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Monday, December 6, 1999, 18:17
> About five minutes ago, I tried > > > > which was closer to the original URL, and seemed to work. It's certainly
> newer version than I recall seeing before. You're doing a great job with
> Fabian, well done!
Er, yes. What he said. Closet Freudians may now feel free to analyse my innate inability to type my own URLs correctly. --- Fabian Ikun li dik il-kitba tpatti it-tieba ta' qalb ta' patruni tieghi. Ikun li ttaffi ugigh tal-Mitlufin u tal-Indannati. Ikun li ilkoll li jaqraw il-kitba, qalbhom ihobbu is-Sewwa u l-Unur. U b'dak l'ghamil, nithallas tax-xoghol iebes.