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CHAT: RPG'ing -> conlanging (was Re: conculture list?)

From:Laurie Gerholz <milo@...>
Date:Saturday, February 13, 1999, 4:50
Pablo Flores wrote:
> > Laurie Gerholz wrote: > > > Marina de Flores wrote: > Oops! That's my mother's name -- she changed the mail program profile > to send a message of her own...
I *was* beginning to wonder.
> > > Equivalently, I've seen that most RPGers don't feel a special curiosity > > about concultures, except as how it immediately affects the plot of the > > game. I was trying to propose that the subset of RPGers who *are* > > interested in concultures would also be likely the ones who might take > > an interest in conlangs. I'm not trying to distract us with a discussion > > of RPGers tastes. > > Sorry if I misunderstood. Yes, I've known RPGers playing The Lord of the > Rings without real concern about the conculture, which really bothered > the ones in the group who did care about concultural details. But even > the ones who were quite into the conculture didn't show much interest about > the conlangs (tho one or two of them sometimes asked me before naming a > new character, knowing that I was into the Elvish langs.)
I don't think you misunderstood. And I've seen this distinction too, even in the group that my husband currently plays with. They have some people who are very serious about enjoying the setting of the game, mainly cultural because those referees aren't themselves versed in foreign language or linguistics. Then you have a few others who just see everything as a set of numbers and dice rolls. My husband is in the first camp. The people in the second camp drive him batty. It really depends on the temperaments of your players and especially your referee. I have some local friends who game with M.A.R. Barker (of Tekumel and Tsolyani fame). They tell me that it's rather expected that players *will* learn *some* Tsolyani. I haven't had time to sit in on one of those sessions yet.
> > > It sounds like the issue is already solved for us. I saw the mention of > > the World-Builders list (which I'm shortly going to sub to and check > > out), and also that the conculture list had been started (which I'll > > also shortly sub to). > > Oh! Could you tell me about those lists? I didn't know they existed! > How do I subscribe? (Now my mailbox is actually gonna explode! :-) >
I learned about them right here on the list. Those messages must not have reached you yet.
>From Brian Betty:
> I *wouldn't* join, as I am already subscribed to a conculture list, the > WORLD-BUILDING list. I can pass the subscription info on this list around:
> To subscribe, send mail to <Majordomo@...> with the following > command in the body of your email message: subscribe world-building > or from another account: subscribe world-building
>From John Cowan:
> Okay, the conculture list exists! To subscribe, surf to > , or just send a blank email to > mailto:// . The latter > mechanism should be in place immediately; the former will > be working after 1900 UTC today.
I've subbed to both lists, but haven't seen any messages yet. Laurie