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From:Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Saturday, February 13, 1999, 7:44
I have never known myself to have created a fictional language that
accompanied a culture, but the other day i decided that I absolutely had to
attempt a language with a cultural basis, and that this language also had to
be a sort of blend of two of my pre-existing languages.  I chose elv nedM,  a
very aspect-centric, brief, versatile language, and Ko'rea, a rigid, vowelly
language with a heavy depndance on stress for syntax.  The premis of the
merger is that the Priests who lead the society that speaks elv convene with
the intellectuals of the civilization that uses Ko'rea.  since the two
societies are not fleshed out at all yet, I will use the relative insulation
from the vulgate of both groups as a shield as I allow the culture to radiate
from them.  To throw a minor monkey wrench into the otherwise clean-cut
system, I may add to the delegation the actual kings of Memem, a very small
and forceful nation, to lobby for a Mem influence on the conlang [which will
not be easy, since Mem is incredibly difficult to learn and adults learning
the language will never be capable of understanding sentences at
conversational speed]  the language will also be lightly influenced by my
other conlangs and random sketches.  I am using the Nyland-esque premise that
this group has been convened to create an actual language rather than an
auxiliary language, and therefore it will be as wrought with its own
eccentricities as English or any other synthesis.  I am also considering
having the NdOl Ba'mua [literally council-council in elv and Ko'rea
respectively] create a clean cut auxlang for its own purposes.  Has anyone
else done this? I am interested in hearing the conclusions of anyone else
undertaking this or a similar project. I however am taking the easier way out
than, say, creating a creole of a conlang and a natlang, such as I  am sure
exists within the Hangkerim univers among others, because the speakers of both
of the main languages will be using their literary forms as raw material. Mem
will use the lazy dialect of the kings as its basis.  any comments would be
pacs precs
Joe Mondello